A wall-size satellite image is a sure conversation piece in any public space or meeting room. We have supplied murals for companies, hotels, ferries, boardrooms and even a few private dens. Looking at an image on a cell phone just isn’t the same experience. Our clients have used satellite murals for the following:
  • boardroom and office decor
  • museums
  • ferry routes
  • tugboat route planning
  • weather and news broadcasting
  • home decor
  • hotel lobbies
  • corporate trade show display

A ferry worker takes good care of the large mural on a Washington State ferry
Murals are custom ordered to fit the size and requirement of each customer and last many, many years. Murals can be laminated, mounted on various boards, placed under glass or just about any display method you wish. Click on CONTACT US at the top of the screen to see how we can help.