atural-color satellite imagery has really only been available since the launch of Landsat 4 in 1982. Satellite posters were the first public use of the imagery. Because of the natural desire of everyone to "see where they live", other uses for satellite imagery quickly followed. During the last decade and a half we have sub-licensed our imagery to a variety of corporate and government clients for the following uses:
  • brochures
  • books & magazines
  • advertisements
  • flight simulators
  • government & annual reports
  • TV news backdrops
  • screen savers
  • corporate gifts
  • custom posters
  • tourism guides
  • scientific presentations and publications
  • regional promotion
  • movie props
  • outdoor signs
  • digital imagery and image maps

We provide each client with a sub-license agreement for the use of our imagery for a fee which depends on the nature of the use and the number of items produced. To find out how you can use satellite images in your business, click CONTACT US on the menu bar at the top of the screen